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Benjamin Herlitschek (Herdliczek)[1]

männlich 1722 - 1802  (80 Jahre)

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  • Name Benjamin Herlitschek (Herdliczek) 
    Geboren 1722 
    Geschlecht männlich 
    Gestorben 30 Dez 1802  Prossnitz (Prostějov CZ) Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort 
    Personen-Kennung I09763  Genea LK
    Zuletzt bearbeitet am 9 Nov 2017 

    Familie Pessel N. (Herlitschek/Herdliczek)),   geb. 1717,   gest. 26 Aug 1807, Prossnitz (Prostějov CZ) Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  (Alter 90 Jahre) 
    Verheiratet um 1750 
    +1. Gottlieb Gutmann Jakob Wolf Herlitschek,   geb. 1751,   gest. 30 Aug 1839, Prossnitz (Prostějov CZ) Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  (Alter 88 Jahre)
     2. Juda Herlitschek,   geb. 1764
    +3. Jakob Herlitschek
    +4. N. Herlitschek
    Zuletzt bearbeitet am 14 Jun 2017 
    Familien-Kennung F5059  Familienblatt

  • Ereignis-Karte
    Link zu Google MapsGestorben - 30 Dez 1802 - Prossnitz (Prostějov CZ) Link zu Google Earth
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  • Bauten
    ZY/Prossnitz - Prostejov
Altes jüdisches Viertel
    ZY/Prossnitz - Prostejov Altes jüdisches Viertel

  • Notizen 
    • We know two branches of the Herlitscheks family:
      - The H. from Prossnitz, Moravia (first known ancestor Benjamin H. /11722-1802),
      - The H. from Bohemia, emigrated 1844 to Hartford CT (first known ancestor
      Marcus H. /1819-1902)
      We are convinced, that both branches are related, but we have no evidence of a common ancestor. The members of the Hartford branch are marked with a '(HB)'.
    • The name Herlitschek is very rare and it was possibly in use by one single family only. It sounds like a Czech name, but a word 'herlicek' does not exist in this language. The origin is probably the Czech word 'hrdlicka', turtledove, with the plural 'hrdlicek'. The colloquial language of the Jewish communities in Moravia was German. Czech language was not much in use. The difficult pronounciation of a name starting with four consonants - hrdl - was made easier by the insertion of an 'e'.The civil servant or registrar in charge, who noted the name down, might not have been able or willing to use correct Czech spelling. This could explain both the appearance of the Herlitschek name as well as its uniqueness.

  • Quellen 
    1. [S133] - R. Schoenberg, Randy Schoenberg, lawyer and grandson of Arnold Schönberg.